Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows your website name, details, emails etc to point to your server- where actually your website codes, resources and bandwidth is available.

Hosting Services Offering

At Brand Shaper, we offer customized hosting solutions. Chose from shared hosting to dedicated hosting or cloud hosting to Virtual Private Server (VPS)hosting. A static website can be hosting on a shared server while a dynamic web application requires dedicated hosting with space and bandwidth depending on the users, geography, usage and application resource requirement.
Shared Hosting

Shared hosting allows static or basic sites to be quickly hosted on the existing hosting packages without a need to buy a hosting space. Shared hosting is ideal for basic websites, blog, micro-site, landing pages or the sites which would consume low resources and bandwidth. But, if you are considering availability and bandwidth on increased visitors, make sure that you use dedicated bandwidth and hosting package.

Shared hosting offers value for money and easy to manage options for the non- technology or users with limited IT infrastructure management capability.

VPS is a virtual private network hosting service that allows users of special access to access site through a VPS hosting. The VPS hosting also allows the direct web visitors to land on your site. Brand Shaper offers and advises in planning the best hosting options to ensure safety, access and availability and control on access at affordable cost. VPS allows application redirection, meeting security protocols or limiting visitors to make sure the availability of resources is controlled and safe all the time with extra security codes embedded in the application itself. This also helps control the possible security threats, that have also increased drastically in the advent of new technologies and hackers trying to access your data. VPS server hosting is the best choice to protect your website from possible online threats and unrecognized visitors.

VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

At Brand Shapers we believe that hosting in not just the application availability but also the safety, data security, user data protection for various websites requiring traffic from various sources to land on the website and make a purchase.

Dedicated hosting is advised for e-commerce, e-learning besides other public access services consumed by the public at large. Because of offering you the cost advantage; when it comes to dedicated hosting, the pricing is dynamic and organization with limited IT team feels this is where they need support and advice.

We at Brand Shapers believe in helping you choose the best dedicated hosting packages to make every spend yielding returns.

For applications with visitors coming from multiple countries or where the visitors go up or down as per occasion, can leverage on cloud hosting packages to offer you that limitless bandwidth.

We at Brand Shapers believe that your resource uptime, cost, bandwidth availability and capacity to pay for what you use. Cloud enables unlimited storage as its stores the data at different storage options to ensure your data is not on live servers. This also, protects the complete data security and management. What is required is pulled out of data bins near to the hosted country. The back-up, restoration, uptime availability, traffic sources, security, server locations offers you exciting efficiency in application you are running on cloud.

Consult Brand Shapers today to understand how cloud hosting can transform your business.

Cloud Hosting