Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a process of taking the content to the user with the help of web and content marketing techniques and this process is generally termed as ‘Digital Marketing’.

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Web Marketing

Web marketing comprises of on page and off page optimization, placing the website in the google searches with the help of content, design, articles, back-linking contents to yield higher searches for the web pages. We specialize in modern web marketing techniques.

SEO enables the page on top of the search engine results and we ensure the perfect keyword positioning with the appropriate content to give it an edge to the relevant page appearing as per google and other search engine algorithms.

  • We ensure keyword research, keyword consistency to optimize your site as per latest search techniques
  • Build site authority by Link Building
  • Measure your SEO result to calculate ROI on your digital investments.

SEM enables search engines to read your content, identify target groups and then profile as per the content categories. SEM enables perfect targeting through organic efforts (like web pages, blog, articles, newsletter, social content etc) and inorganic efforts (paid promotions).

We develop SEM strategy that will attract, engage and convert your target customers in to a prospective buyer.

  • Target audience
  • Keyword research and ad setup
  • Driving Traffic to a Landing Pages
  • Conversion

Social media is an effort to drive users from your social media pages to your web or landing pages. This requires consistency in brand campaigns, with right frequency and a mix of education and engagement.

  • Setting up social media
  • Social Media Plan
  • Create campaigns
  • Generate ROI on the social media promotions
Social Media Marketing

Inbound marketing is driving marketing efforts to ensure the customer reaches your email or contact center to get further support. We specialize in inbound marketing process.

  • Strategizing inbound marketing process
  • Developing and implementing the inbound marketing
  • Optimizing Inbound Marketing process with regular efforts to improve the quality of the inquiries or leads

Email marketing is a process to either build a new customer base or prospect customers. We specialize in planning and setting up your Goal.

  • Messaging/ mailer designs
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Conversion and optimizing various campaigns
Email Marketing
Online Reputation Management

Reputation is a process through a brand affinity of advocacy is develop. It’s also about managing your online reputation to make sure the inquiries or complaints are directed to the right set of peoples within your teams or are handled to give you a perfect brand imaging.

  • Reputation Building
  • Managing reputation
  • Reputation Recovery