Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing helps manage the data and availability. No matter, how much data you hold, cloud computing enables you to ensure the data availability is there for all the sources accessing the data of your website or applications.

At Brand Shaper, we believe is offering you cloud solutions to have high availability of your applications and data.

Benefits: Cloud Computing

Pay as you go- pay only for what you use • Quickly scale up or down to meet demand through ER • High availability • Easy to manage
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure allows you to build, test, deploy and manage applications on Microsoft environment with other supporting technologies outside Microsoft ecosystem through managed data centers.

Now manage all types of applications and websites including software as a service (SaaS) applications, platform as a service (PaaS) applications and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) applications that support various programming languages, tools and frameworks, including third-party software and systems. Microsoft also has an app eco-system that helps organizations leverage the windows network.

Talk to our expert to migrate your websites and applications to ensure high- availability, productivity and seamless integration.

AWS offers enterprises a robust cloud infrastructure with over 99.9 percent reliability with options to manage scalability, elasticity on pay as you go model. AWS supports all type of application configurations and third party integrations to help you run your applications on the cloud with business predictability.

AWS easy user interface allows you to manage your resources, evaluate your bandwidth and consumption in a seamless manner with system work-flow without investing on hardware infrastructure in-premise. You can track your usage and resource utilization to ensure that your business application is always up and available.

To help you efficiently manage Brand Shaper helps you manage your migration and integration process from your traditional IT infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud

Google has introduced Google Cloud to offer agility and ease in managing your cloud infrastructure- that is Fast, Cheap, and Scalable Google app ecosystem is a value add that helps organizations using the resources and help to ensure what you develop are as per the security and user standards. Now, build muti-tier web applications and host them on google cloud.

Do more with the help of Brand Shaper be it your static website or dynamic or native mobile applications with web applications on Google cloud.